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The band program is made successful by the help of volunteers.
David McIntosh

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First Vice President
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Second Vice President

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Get Plugged in: Other Volunteers

The band program is made successful by the help of volunteers in many areas ranging from chaperoning to working concessions. The Band Boosters also offer many positions to serve the students and support the band directors and programs. If you are not already a member, consider getting plugged in with the Boosters where you'll not only help the students and programs but where you'll also make some wonderful friends.

Band Banquet

Organize and plan banquet for students, parents, school officials and local dignitaries as appropriate. Certificates and awards are given to students, senior favors for the graduating seniors. Sit-down dinner and program is planned in coordination with the Band Director. Volunteers are needed for planning, decorating, set-up etc.

Band Store

Volunteers are needed to sell Band T-shirts, sweatshirts, golf shirts and other souvenirs at home football games. Volunteers are also needed to sell these at the Ice Cream Social in August and any other appropriate events.


Each out-of-town event requires chaperones (4 per bus on average). There is a chaperone bag available for each bus. Each week it is stocked with necessities such as extra gloves, Band-Aids, flashlight, safety pins, etc. Each bag is checked and replenished before each trip. Chaperones are responsible for keeping the band safe and helping them with essentials such as restroom stops.


All band parents are asked to help with concessions for at least 2 home games and Heart of Dixie. It's a fun time and everyone's help makes for a successful event.

Discount Cards

Volunteers are needed to help organize the Discount Card fundraiser. This committee will be responsible for getting local businesses to offer a discount for their business on the card. The cards will be distributed to the students to sell. Monies will be receipted, unsold cards will be turned in to the committee, and monies will be turned over to the treasurer. This allows for full accountability.


Volunteers are needed to assist in the transport of the instruments to the football games and band contests. Students assist with the loading and unloading, but volunteers help move equipment onto the field for the shows. There are two trailers and a pickup truck is needed to pull one of the trailers.

Hospitality Room

Volunteers are needed to set up a hospitality room for guests upon band directors' request and for Heart of Dixie band competition.


Volunteers are needed who have been first-aid and CPR certified to help with the band whether it be a home game, away game, festivals, or any other travel plans.

Fruit Sale

Volunteers are needed to prepare fruit and meat sale packages to be distributed to the students, help with the collection of monies turned in from the students' order forms, help tally fruit and meat orders to place the band's overall order, unload fruit and meat from the delivery trucks, and help fill each student's order for completion of delivery to their customers. Students will pick up their fruit and meat for each of their customers in the band room on the day of the delivery date.

Game Night Water

Men are needed to help ice down the water for our band students. The bottled water will be handed out after the pre-game show. Volunteers will also be responsible for placing the coolers of water in the stands.

Heart of Dixie

The Heart of Dixie Band Competition has been a tradition at PHS for over 25 years. This is one of the major fund raising events of the year. Bands come from all over the south to participate in our Heart of Dixie band festival. We want to present a warm, friendly atmosphere to judges, directors, students, chaperones, bus drivers, etc. so they will come back every year. It takes a lot of help to be the best band competition in the south! 

Ice Cream Social

At this event, the band performs their show music for their parents at the beginning of the new school year. Volunteers are needed to serve ice cream, soft drinks, and cookies, and also to clean up after the event. 


Volunteers needed to take pictures of students during the season. These pictures create a wonderful "History Book" for the Pride of Prattville. They will be used in many different occasions such as senior memorabilia, pictures for the newspapers, etc.

Seat Cushions/Rain Coats/Plumes

Volunteers are needed at each football game and band contest to distribute seat cushions, rain coats for inclement weather, and plumes before the half-time show. Each of these items need to be collected from the students after the event and stored until they are needed again. If the raincoats are used, volunteers are needed to take them home, dry them, and return them to the high school.
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